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Made in Leeds est 2019

Artists and Talent

Zaffiro Agency

we are passionate about the arts and the talented individuals who create them. As a multifaceted agency, we offer an extensive range of artists, each with unique visions and resonant voices. Our mission is to connect these talents with audiences and opportunities that elevate their careers to new heights.

Artist Management Services

We specialise in artist management, providing a suite of services tailored to foster growth and success. By taking care of promotion, bookings, and logistics, we allow our artists to focus on what they do best – creating.

From the initial spark of talent to the polished prowess of seasoned artists, our management strategy is tailored for each stage of artistic development. We believe in a holistic approach – one that goes beyond the traditional. We are not just promoters; we are career architects, brand strategists, and the steadfast support behind the masterpieces.

Promotion: Our promotional strategies are as unique as the artists we represent. Utilising a blend of traditional and digital media, we elevate the presence of our artists, showcasing their work to not only the right audience but a global platform eager for their artistry. We create narratives around their creations, engaging stories that resonate and connect on a deeper level.

Bookings: Securing bookings that align with our artists’ visions is fundamental to our service. We leverage our extensive network of event organisers, gallery curators, and entertainment professionals to create opportunities that not only display their work but also align with their personal growth paths.

Logistics: The practical side of art can often be as complex as the creative process itself. We streamline these complexities, handling all logistics from transportation of artworks to the intricate details of performance riders. Our artists are free to immerse themselves fully in the creative process, knowing the details are handled with precision and care.

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