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Made in Leeds est 2019

Past Events 

Zaffiro Presents: KOKO

Zaffiro presents Koko at Blueberry Hill Studios for a special 3-hour set. Dive deep into the world of electronic beats with Koko’s signature sound, blending pulsing rhythms with dreamy melodies in a performance that promises to captivate and energise. Managed and delivered by Zaffiro Events Company.

Zaffiro Presents: Imogen & GIGI-FM

Zaffiro presents an electrifying night with GIGI fm and Imogen at Wire, where beats meet brilliance. Join us for a sonic adventure as GIGI fm weaves her magic with mesmerizing sets that promise to take you on a journey through sound. Accompanied by the talented Imogen, known for her dynamic performances and innovative soundscapes, this duo guarantees an evening of unforgettable music. Hosted at Wire, logistics handled by Zaffiro Event Management.

Zaffiro x Magnetic Present: Derek Carr

A night in central Leeds with the cosmic wizard Derek Carr, the Irish man flew in and delivered the goods for a special joint party with Magnetic. 

Zaffiro Presents: 1-800 Girls

A new venture at Sheef Street with 1-800 Girls.


Back in our uni days, when late nights were a given and the music never stopped, we dreamed up Zaffiro – a club night that became our little legend. It wasn’t just about the music or the dance floor; it was about creating moments that stuck with you, nights that felt like they were ours alone. Fast forward to now, and the dream’s gotten bigger, way bigger. We have now created Zaffiro Events Company London.

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Made In Leeds EST 2019