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Made in Leeds est 2019

Close to home series 

Zaffiro: Close To Home Ep 4 - AnBy

Keeping it close to home, we’re leaving you in the safe hands of co-founder and good friend @anby_uk for episode 4. He has spent years behind the scenes organising parties and raving, while quietly perfecting his craft across the Leeds music scene. From this set you can expect sounds peppered with minimal and deep house flavours, with a saucy side of UKG.


Zaffiro: Close To Home Ep 3 - DARNS

A few months back, we went to pirate studios with a few music mates and one of them brought this gem of a man along. We instantly hit it off in the most organic way properly as our tastes in music were so similar. DARNS’ passion old 90s groovers was definitely there to see on that night but his interests certainly don’t stop there and this piece of work definitely expresses that.
Tune in for some rarely heard, tasty rollers from some of the best about.

Zaffiro: Close To Home Ep 2 - Raz

For round two we had to get the main man Raz involved. He’s been around since the beginning of our musical journey and now his array of talents is taking him all over the globe. Whether it’s snapping pics for major events, promoting his favourite artists and their tunes on his widely known channel – Tamiras, or blessing us with some sounds of his own, Raz is the definition of active. This mix embodies that with a wide array of beats from his ever expanding repertoire.

Zaffiro: Close To Home Ep 1 - Shandy

With so many talented family and friends, it makes sense to showcase some of this talent in a series of mixes titled Close To Home. First up is co-founder James, dubbed Shandy by those who know. After many a lockdown living room b2b2b2b with the Leeds family, we thought it was time to share some of the sounds with the outside world. Shandy’s style emanates that of someone who’s normally on the other side of the decks. With melodic synths, rolling bass-lines and all-round tight percussion, we’re sure this will get your toe tapping.


Back in our uni days, when late nights were a given and the music never stopped, we dreamed up Zaffiro – a club night that became our little legend. It wasn’t just about the music or the dance floor; it was about creating moments that stuck with you, nights that felt like they were ours alone. Fast forward to now, and the dream’s gotten bigger, way bigger. We have now created Zaffiro Events Company London.

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Made In Leeds EST 2019